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~+New Username+~ [17 Aug 2004|01:42am]
Hey everybody. I'll be updating on heelsoverhead__ now since my entries on this name are starting to turn into day views and thats annoying! So plz add my other name, if you havent already. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience. <3
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And i dont want you to see all these things I hide [22 Jul 2004|04:59am]
[ mood | happy ]

This week..
*Valdemir's house. Watched "Nothing to Lose". Met Brian's g/f Kayla.
*Josh & Stef came over and he made me this great song. Lyrics will soon follow.
*Saw "Cinderella Story" w/ Rix
*Xtb show @ PIS [Becky & Ricki came] & Denny's after the show like always.
*Stephanie slept over & we watched The Butterfly Effect.
*Pam's house for Steph to get her sexy highlights.
*Worked for my money.
*Bought the Ashlee Simpson CD
*Stef got me addicted to 18 Visions just in time for their show at The Culture Room
*18v/Lost Prophets show @ The Culture Room w/ Mike, Mo, Paul, & 3 girls whose names i never cared to learn. Mike's car started smoking on I-95, oh fun. Had Denny's w/ Paul. Met up w/ Adrianna, Taylor, Chris, Casper, & Mike Chaney. Stef suprised me & met me there! Saw Erika inside whose pictures are 3xs as good as mine. Drooled over the singer w/ Steph & Chris Snyder. Took a picture with the band after the show. Picked up food from the 24 hour McDonalds [luckily Casper trusted my directions on getting there]. Slept over Stephanie's house.
*Josh brought us some Rosano's on his break.
*Took mad photos in the bathroom to entertain ourselves.
*Josh's mom bakes possibly the best cookies ever.
*Barnes & Noble w/ Josh & Stef. Met up with Dan, Tomer, & some other people.

When you were holding my hand i didnt think i'd dieCollapse )

[24] creamed their pants Orgy anyone?

Den!ed [28 Oct 2003|12:56am]
Nope, sorry.

Comment to be added. Add me first!<333
[211] creamed their pants Orgy anyone?

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